Key Factors to Consider While Selecting Your Survival Kit

Here are a few key factors to consider that should help you while selecting the right survival kit:

  • Check the nutritional information for the food items. If you or someone in the family has special dietary requirements (vegan food, nut allergy, gluten allergy, etc.) you might want to replace the items you receive with the ones that you need. Or look for bags with suitable food items.
  • Your bug-out bag should have space for adding a couple of add-ons. You should add prescription medicines, important documents, a spare set of house/car keys, etc.
  • For family survival kits, look for one with a hip belt. Carrying heavy weights only on your shoulders would be physically tiring and may restrict movement. 
  • Look for bags with a mix of the main component, smaller inner pockets, and a few external pockets. This helps keep items separated and easily accessible. 
  • Pick front-loading bags over top-loaders as with the latter you’d have to take off the bag and dig anytime you need anything. 
  • You might have to walk/run on uneven terrain to figure out what backpacks work best for you. Shopping bags, fanny packs, or anything designed to be carried in your hands should be avoided for multi-person kits. Your bag will be heavy, so carry it on your back.

That brings us to the end of our pre-packaged go-bag for families guide.  Now you know which key factors to consider while selecting your survival kit. If you haven’t started your Stay Bag (the emergency kit you keep in your home), now is a great time!

key factors to consider while selecting your survival

Take the first step towards emergency preparedness today and get one before you find yourself in danger.

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