What Goes in a Go Bag?

Person carrying several bags asking "You ready for this?" GIF
Ya boy needs a better plan.

You probably don’t have a lot of completely useless things in your house, so determining which items are of greatest importance in an emergency can take some thought. Do not feel bad if you are confused about what you should have in your Go Bag.

To make it easier, we’re breaking down what goes in a Go Bag into three categories:

1. Survival

This is what you will need for safety and survival in case of an emergency where you lose access to the basics like food, water, and shelter. These items are often sold as prepackaged kits, which makes this step a lot easier.

2. Important Papers

Ah, the bureaucracy of modern life. These are the things you need to prove your identity, communicate with your crew, and maintain access to your accounts. What else will want to save if you (gulp) lost your photo albums and hard drives?

3. Physical & Emotional Wellbeing

These are often afterthoughts, but they shouldn’t be. A fresh pair of underwear, a chocolate bar, lavender oil, a fifth of whisky… and probably something fun for the kids, assuming they will soon tire of playing with the charred remains of their elementary school’s lunch tables. These are personal choices that are different for everybody, but we’ve got some tips to get you thinking about what would be best for your Go Bag.

Ready? Let’s dig into the details…

Child playing with metal scraps/apocalypse trash
Let’s face it: they probably won’t get tired of playing with apocalypse trash.

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