Spring: Clean It Up

Spring is considered the season of rebirth and new beginnings. It’s also a time for homeowners to take stock of any damage their homes sustained during rough winter months — especially if you live in a cold weather part of the country. Get your home ready with these tips. 

Exterior Preparedness

Do This Exterior Maintenance Every Spring

The winter can wreak havoc on your home. Schedule an exterior inspection to see if your home survived the season unscathed. (You can afford it! You’re a homeowner! You must be swimming in a vault full of gold coins!) Pay attention to the roof and chimney, along with gutters and foundations. Look for missing shingles, cracks in the foundation, as well as loose or clogged gutters. 

Check for signs of water damage on exterior walls, as well as potential damage to your patio. This can include cracks in the foundation if you have concrete, or loose boards for wood decks. These can pose an accident risk if someone trips on loose flooring. Meanwhile, in bad weather, loose concrete and boards can become projectiles and cause more damage or injuries.

Check for areas of standing water as this can encourage mosquitos which bring disease. Note that you’ll need to do this in the summer as well. 

HVAC maintenance is a quarterly task. In the spring, you’ll want to focus on your air conditioners, if you have them. Ensure that your units are clean and running efficiently. If you rely on window units or mini-splits, clean the filters and remove dust so they can run smoothly in the summer months. 

If you own a gas grill, check the hose lines and burner jets and ensure they’re clear & free of obstructions or clogs. You’ll also want to check any sprinklers or irrigation systems for clogs or damage that might flood your lawn if you use them. If necessary, adjust the spray direction so that water isn’t being wasted and sprayed on your home, deck, or windows. If it is, these can cause leaks or structural damage from sustained water exposure.


Making rookie mistakes with your BBQ or sprinkler system is a sure-fire way to get your judgmental neighbor to cast aspersions on you. Don’t risk it. A wet sidewalk and an exploding grill will get you nowhere with the Joneses.

Interior Preparedness

Do This Interior Maintenance Every Spring

In the spring, you’ll want to look for any signs of interior leaks that might have occurred as a result of snow accumulation on your roof or around foundational structures. Your interior inspection will include looking for signs of mold as well as any exterior breaches that might let unwanted critters into the attic or basement. Bugs will want to be very close to you during the spring. Don’t let them inside. Make friends with spiders.

Everyone thinks a raccoon eating toast is cute… until the raccoon is eating toast in their house.

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