Hurricane Preparedness

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Your pony powers won’t save you unless you have a plan! If you’re lucky enough to have avoided the concept of hurricanes until now, here’s the deal. Hurricanes are massive storm systems that form over water and move toward land, usually with disastrous consequences. Whether it’s a slow moving system that floods your whole county or a fast one that shoots a tree through your house, hurricanes are top contenders for the Most Terrifying Natural Disaster title.

Hurricanes have it all: destructive winds, heavy rains, and even tornadoes. They’re huge news whenever they occur, so you’re probably well aware of whether you live in a high risk area. Most hurricanes in the United States happen on the southeast and gulf coasts, but hurricanes do make appearances further north and even on the west coast from time to time. If you’re within 50 miles of an ocean, take a moment to learn about hurricane prep with us.

If you’ve ever watched the news coverage, it might seem difficult to remain untouched by such severe storms—but with the right preparation, you can survive most any catastrophe that comes your way!

In this Hurricane Preparedness guide, you will learn:

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