Post-Monsoon Concerns

animated rainbow over lush hills GIF
As we all know, a rainbow follows the rain.

Before hugging the bunny that has appeared below the rainbow, check your family, pets, home, and vehicles for damage. (Ringworm is technically monsoon-related damage!)

Moisture is a major problem for homes, so even if there’s no visible damage, consider contacting your insurance company to check for mold or other invisible problems. If you have visible damage, record everything with photos to accompany your claim. If you have visible damage that has made your home uninhabitable, take a few deep breaths and ask your insurance company if they cover temporary housing.

If you came out of it mostly unscathed, it’s time to think of your neighbors! Get a glimpse into the aftermath of the 2022 monsoon in Arizona. Mudslides create a major problem. Many hands make light work of heavy mud.

Biking through muddy water
Some of you may have a better time than others in a post-monsoon world.

10 Tips to Maximize Monsoon Clean-up

  1. Remove any loose or dead branches from the trees in your yard.
  2. If you have younger trees around the house, stake them to ensure that their roots grow stronger and remain firmly attached to the ground. 
  3. Remove standing water from pots, birth baths, etc. to avoid breeding mosquitoes.
  4. Clear storm buildup from gutters and drains.
  5. Fix doors and windows that may have loosened hinges or other weather gaps.
  6. Use borax and vinegar solution to clean mold from tiles, curtains, walls, and mattresses. To remove stubborn mold, you may need to use bleach or hire a hazardous cleanup team. Call your insurance agent about any mold concerns.
  7. Run those fans! Move air through your house to remove moisture. Use an exhaust system or dehumidifier, if possible.
  8. If you see loose wires or open circuits, call an electrician. Stay alive!
  9. If you are a pool owner, check for floating debris or broken tiles. Glass may have been blown into your pool, so do a thorough clean before using it.
  10. Correct your pool’s chemical balance. Rainwater is not a great substitute for pool water. Use a shock treatment or add chlorine tablets. If you need to add more water, be sure to run your cleaning system first.

And remember to keep taking those deep breaths! The best part of a monsoon is surviving it, so keep your head up and stay prepped for the next one. Here’s to your safe survival through monsoon season!

plant being watered by rain
Don’t be too sad about it. The plants really needed this.

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