Hand-Washing for the World: Say a Little Prayer for You and You and You

How to wash your hands

We are all washing our hands until they’re bright red and patchy.

Washing our hands. For twenty seconds. All the time.

I don’t know about you, but I can get a little (a lot?) grumpy doing that over and over again. All day. And washing my toddlers’ hands as often?

Those twenty seconds are an amazing chance to send some love out to the world.

So next time you’re scrubbing away, try sending a prayer to:

  • Everyone around the world is who is sick or will be sick
  • Those of us mourning our loved ones
  • The doctors, nurses, and hospital staff that are fighting on the front lines of this pandemic
  • The delivery drivers, postal delivery people, and grocery store workers that are keeping our world going round
  • All of those undocumented Americans who won’t see a check from this government bail out
  • Our friends and family who are struggling every bit as much as we are… even if they aren’t showing it (like my husband)

I hum Arethra Franklin’s “Say a Little Prayer for You,” get soapy and start sending prayers.

how to wash your hands
hand-washing for the world say a little prayer for you and
how to wash your hands
how to wash your hands

Join me?

It definitely feels better than grumbling about how you-know-who forgot to clean the toilet. Believe me!

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