Get our full suite of preparedness tools for just $20 more and unlock free shipping.

  • Essential Master of Disaster Out of Town Contact fillable form
  • Important Papers Pack makes the bureaucracy super easy
  • Grab & Go Checklists for when you have to bug out and quick
  • Emergency Buddies keep important details on hand
  • Bonus sticker sheet adds extra fun
  • The perfect Sharpie completes the package

The Bundle includes:

The Disaster Playbook with the Disaster Deep Dive and two copies of the I Will Thrive Manual

The Disaster Playbook

Your step-by-step guide to creating a nimble, effective disaster plan. Comes with our digital guide to different disasters, the Disaster Deep Dive, and two copies of the I Will Thrive Manual, the place you log your personal disaster plans. Keep one in your Go Bag and one in your Stay Bag.

Here Comes the Apocalypse I Will Thrive Manual

I Will Thrive Manual

The Playbook’s steadfast companion. Simply fill it out to record your personal disaster plans here.

The Disaster Bundle includes two copies — one for your Go Bag and one for your Stay Bag.

Here Comes the Apocalypse Disaster Deep Dive

Disaster Deep Dive

Only learn about and prepare for the disasters that are important to you. No internet deep dive required.

Here Comes the Apocalypse Master of Disaster

Master of Disaster

The Master of Disaster aka Official Out-of-Town Contact is the linchpin in a well-thought-out disaster plan. Fill out this digital guide to make sure they have everything they need to know if they get called to duty.

Here Comes the Apocalypse Emergency Buddy

Emergency Buddy

Your pocket-sized disaster plan. Includes designated meeting places, important contact information, and health reminders.

The Disaster Bundle includes ten — put one in every purse, backpack, and glove compartment!

Here Comes the Apocalypse Grab & Go Checklist

Grab & Go Checklist

Post your checklist in your kitchen and bedroom for easy reference, in case you have to bug out and quick.

The Bundle includes two: one for you and one for your partner. Divide and conquer without dwelling on decision-making!

Here Comes the Apocalypse Important Papers Pack

Important Papers Pack

Make sure you have everything you need with this easy-to-follow checklist that also stores your docs.

The Bundle includes two: one for your Go Bag and one for your Stay Bag. Keep the original docs in a safe, and make copies for each of your Important Papers Packs.

Bonus Sticker Sheet and Sharpie

Sticker Sheet & Ultra Fine Sharpie

As a FREE bonus, get our fun sticker sheet and an ultra fine Sharpie, the prefect pen to accompany the perfect disaster planning tools. Who doesn’t love a good pen, right?

Prepare your family with the Disaster Bundle

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Our signature bundle includes a family-sized helping of our iconic disaster planning tools.

You’ll get our Disaster Playbook, two copies of our I Will Thrive Manual, 10 Emergency Buddies, two Grab & Go Checklists, two Important Papers Packs, our Disaster Deep Dive e-book, the essential Master of Disaster digital form, a Sharpie, and a bonus sticker sheet!

The Disaster Bundle