Emergency Buddy Filled out
Emergency Buddy Quad Fold Display
Emergency Buddy folded and unfolded

Emergency Buddy (Set of 2)


Your pocket-sized disaster plan. Includes designated meeting places, important contact information, and health reminders. Put one in every purse, backpack, and glove compartment!

  • Set of two Emergency Buddies
  • Folds to 3.5″x2″ — perfect for wallets, purses, and backpacks
  • Keep important info on-hand in case disaster strikes while you’re away from home
  • Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper

Ten Emergency Buddies are included in the Disaster Bundle.

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Emergency Buddy to the rescue! Whether you’re an (understandably) absent-minded adult or a child of any age, it’s hard to remember all the things. Give yourself a break and write them down already! This handy reference sheet is wallet-sized for convenient carrying.

Bonus: If your phone dies, you’ll still have access to important phone numbers. If you’re unresponsive (yikes!), this info can also help people on the scene of an accident get you to the right hospital, and can help healthcare workers give you the right treatment.

  • Emergency Buddy Filled out
  • Emergency Buddy folded and unfolded
  • Emergency buddy stored in wallet
  • Emergency Buddy Quad Fold Display
  • Emergency Buddy Product Image
What it contains:
  • All of the important core info your absent-minded friends and family might need while they’re out and something bad happens
  • Personal details for better results if you are incapacitated during a crisis
  • Designated meeting places and tips for reacting to disasters and emergencies
Why you need it: 
  • Having important phone numbers and designated meeting places on-hand can help a separated child reunite with family more easily
  • Receiving care at an out-of-network hospital is a disaster all its own
  • Losing your phone or depleting your battery can happen anytime; the Emergency Buddy is your back up plan
How we make it easy: 
  • It fits right in your pocket, wallet, purse, backpack — anywhere you have space for a credit card.
  • You don’t need to be crafty to create an effective tool that goes everywhere with you; you just need a pen (included in the Disaster Bundle!)

If a compact set of emergency details is the last tool you need to complete in your disaster prep, you can certainly buy Emergency Buddies on their own, but they’re also part of the Disaster Bundle, which gives you all the tools you need to create comprehensive disaster plans (without making it your entire personality). Our tools are designed to keep you entertained, engaged, and motivated throughout the process, so you can complete your prep in style and comfort.

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The Disaster Bundle


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Our signature bundle features a family-sized helping of our iconic disaster swag.

You’ll get our Disaster Playbook, two copies of our I Will Thrive Manual, 10 Emergency Buddies, two Grab & Go Checklists, two Important Papers Packs, our Disaster Deep Dive e-book, the essential Master of Disaster digital form, a Sharpie, and a bonus sticker sheet!