What’s your COVID risk tolerance?

What's your COVID Risk Tolerance?

How are your risk evaluation skills?

⁣If only this pandemic had come with an instruction manual.

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We have invited people over and *thought* we established clear guidelines: stay outside, stay six feet apart, wear masks if closer… then they arrived and barged right inside to join us in the kitchen. ⁣

“No!” I shouted. “We’ll meet you in the backyard!” The terror was real.⁣

Communicating around this topic is so challenging.⁣

Understanding others’ risk tolerance can help you to gauge a situation you’re getting into. ⁣

Before you plan a socially-distanced outing, consider asking them where on this scale they identify.⁣

If they self identify as more of a 3 or a 4 and you’re lower on the scale… you might cancel. They likely won’t be as careful as you would expect them to be.⁣

And if they identify as lower on the scale than you are, please be considerate. Be more vigilant with your mask and social distancing.⁣It is up to all of us to keep each other safe and sane.

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