Why Is Festivus a Prep-Friendly Holiday?


It’s a Festivus for the Rest of Us… especially for people who want to be at their best during an emergency. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it! But first, let’s all enjoy this refresher on the holiday.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, let me be the first to initiate you! Festivus is an all-inclusive feast day that strips away distractions and gets to the very heart of the human condition: hell is other people. But here we are, existing! So, we’ve got to fight through that hellishness to eke out a little bit of enjoyment. Instead of ignoring it and isolating ourselves, we must confront it and embrace one another. A touch of good natured conflict can really bring a room together.

What does that have to do with disasters?

Your patience is rewarded with a well-reasoned argument! I now present to you irrefutable proof that celebrating Festivus will improve your emergency response skills:

The Festivus pole is extremely practical. When it’s not being used to celebrate Festivus, it can be used as a structural support. Very handy in the event of hurricane damage to your porch columns!

The airing of grievances is the perfect time to get on the same page with your family. Families that communicate well are families that thrive in disasters. Are you holding onto a hurt that’s keeping you from being fully present with your partner? Not after the grievances are aired!

The feats of strength are an excellent way to test your flexibility, agility, stamina, and street smarts, which are also good predictors of success in emergency situations. Just remember, always think before you act and make sure all of your insurance premiums have been paid before you begin!

In sum, Festivus is the perfect holiday to launch your family into disaster prep. Get excited about practicality over materialism, communicate effectively, and always stay on your toes. You’ll have your gear and disaster plans ready in no time. Happy Festivus!

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