It’s Already Hot Here. Why Should I Prepare for a Heat Wave?

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It’s hot outside, but you’re sitting in an air conditioned room. You have a freezer full of popsicles. You have hot and cold running water. You have a cat who is fine with temperatures as low as 70°F or as high as 75°F. Everyone is fine and it’s hot all summer long.

This is completely manageable. Totally chill! You’re wondering, “Why do I need to prepare MORE for hot weather?”

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Everything is amazing and nothing bad will ever happen.


Heat waves aren’t just hot days. They’re abnormally hot days brought on by abnormal high pressure systems. It’s not normal, broham. It’s dangerous. And you’re not the only person in danger. You’re competing with every other person around you for that cool, sweet whiff of AC, a fact which multiplies the danger.

Vanquish the danger by being prepared. Imagine a scenario in which it’s over 90°F inside your home all day, and you will appreciate the benefit of preparation. Aside from the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re ready to weather a heat wave, being prepped allows you to manage your resources during hotter times. 

Still not convinced? What if I say “panic buying” to you? Do you want to be fighting with an overheated mom over bottles of water at the grocery store when the shelves are almost empty? Don’t let it happen to you. Buy it right now, when no one is panicked, and the shelves are full of bottled water, sunblock, UPF shirts, big hats, and electrolyte mix. (You should probably also buy some toilet paper now, just in case it’s a panic buying staple in this post-Covid world.) It’s your civic duty to prepare, since doing it now puts less strain on the system once the disaster is imminent… and it also saves you the hassle of competing with others at a crowded store. 

Since you were so in love with your AC earlier, you should make extra sure you’re ready for life in a blackout, whether it’s a planned rolling blackout or a failure of the power grid. Blackout of any kind means no power means no AC or electric fans. Having a plan sounds pretty good now, right?

We forgive you for your incredulity, and applaud your insistence on adding heat wave supplies to your emergency preparedness closet. You are one of us now! Open the door to the sweet relief of having a plan for every disaster, because the minute you turn your back, here comes the apocalypse.

Read our complete guide on preparing for heatwaves here.

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