Guide to Heat Wave Preparedness

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In the spectrum of weather-related disasters, heat waves might seem mundane, but only a fool takes on THE SUN and expects to win. While heat waves might not rely on chaotic shows of force like the terrifying high winds and earth-splitting power of more kinetically dramatic disasters, they sure do kill a lot of people.

It’s true! Heat waves are one of the deadliest weather-related disasters humans can experience. Heat waves cause more deaths in the United States than all other weather-related disasters. You can’t outrun the heat.

But wait, there’s more: the severity of heat waves is increasing due to long-term climate change, which means the risks to humanity are increasing as well. If you’ve got a mind to survive in this fast-paced pressure cooker of a world, heat wave preparedness isn’t optional.

The good news is that heat waves can be dealt with through planning, preparation, and a little common sense. Below, we’ll review everything you need to know for heat wave preparedness. Come along and bring your biggest sun hat.

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