Best Long Term Apocalypse Gear

Best Longterm Gear

WELCOME TO HELL! JK, hell isn’t real; it’s just the apocalypse. All societal structures have failed, and your survival is entirely up to you! Will you make it through the winter? If you choose to find a cave, go to page 12. If you choose to collect weapons, go to page 20.

It’s the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure!

To be fair to humanity, although we are fairly careless about our nuclear weapons, it’s not super likely that we’d create a disaster that results in total societal annihilation. It’s much more likely that we’d create a disaster that results in a massive refugee influx to areas that have not yet been made uninhabitable. The real question is how many times we can do that before we run out of places to seek refuge.

"Surviving is the new winning" GIF

If you’ve ever thought about living off-grid and didn’t immediately shudder in disgust, you might be the kind of person who could endure the winter in a post-society world. Relying on yourself for everything means there are way fewer steps between having a good time and being dead, but it also has its charms. Surviving is easier if you rehearse, so it’s a great idea to try out the supplies you’ll need before the pressure is on.

Rule of Thumb

In case you decide not to buy some essentials, we’ve included some DIY links so you can review what you’ll need to do and file those skills away for later.

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Get your water situation settled ASAP, or you won’t live long enough to see if your garden makes it. You’ll need water to grow food and clean water to drink. Remember to purify your drinking water all three ways if you aren’t sure about its source.

water fountain
Will the apocalypse still have water fountains?


If you’ve ever watched a survival reality show, you know that getting enough food isn’t easy, even for people who know what they’re doing. It’s time to figure out what you’re doing! The food in the grocery stores will expire or rot fairly quickly, so you’ll need to start growing, foraging, and hunting your own calories with a swiftness. Don’t forget to put something away for winter and collect more seeds for next season! 

It’s like camping all the time!


Here’s hoping the fall of civilization starts at the beginning of spring, so we’ll have as many days as possible to figure out how to keep ourselves alive when it’s cold! (RIP, opposite hemisphere.) Make sure you’re ready to be your own handyman/maiden, gather your own fuel, and collect enough electricity to run your necessary appliances.

child with a wrench and construction gear
Start learning now, kids. Becoming an orphan is a very real possibility when things start to go wrong.


You may be going off-grid, but you’re not an animal! All those little things that make you feel like a human will still matter to you after we stop manufacturing the disposable stuff.

Best to practice using deadly instruments while medical care is still widely available.

Staying Sane

The other thing we’ve learned from survival TV shows is how easy it is to lose your mind. When stakes are high, it’s easy to stew on your problems until you create new ones, so make sure you’re able to maintain some healthy distractions! In a world without internet, you’d better have some hard copies on hand.

creepy marionette puppets
These two will definitely keep you sane.

What did we miss? Tell us what you’d need to keep your apocalypse on track for a healthy resolution. We’d love to learn what makes everyone tick before the clock stops.

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