Why Do People Love HCTA?

Erin's testimonial about why she loves the Disaster Bundle from Here Comes the Apocalypse

If you’re wandering around our website wondering, “Who is this FOR?” we’re glad you’re still here, and we have to ask…  are you really sure it’s not for you? If we tickle you, do you not laugh?

Preparing for disasters was once the exclusive province of the deranged, since extreme disasters were much less frequent in the 20th century. As weather patterns become more erratic due to climate change, the increasing frequency of extreme disasters has expanded the disaster prep demographic in a big way.


People who have little to no interest in eating bark as a survival strategy are now interested in creating disaster plans.

Even if you’ve never thought about how a disaster could affect you, extreme disasters can mean disruptions to our supply chains, power systems, and even our agricultural sector. As disaster impacts increase, recovery needs could easily outpace FEMA and other government agencies’ ability to serve those affected. The smart money is on putting a little bit of effort into preparing for disasters to increase your comfort, safety, and peace of mind in the event of a major problem. You don’t need to make prepping your entire personality to create comprehensive disaster plans, and we can show you how.

We can see the fear in your eyes. To reiterate: we DON’T think you should be making a plan that involves eating bark.

HCTA is for you

So, to answer your question: this is for EVERYONE! We made Here Comes the Apocalypse fun and goofy specifically because dopamine makes you a better learner and also motivates you to learn more. The more you enjoy something, the more you remember it and want to return to it. (Were you better at the subjects in school taught by fun teachers? There’s a reason for that.) Preparing is a multi-step process that does require some effort, so staying motivated is a top priority.

Rule of Thumb

No one is going to come to your house to check if you finished your disaster prep.

You are not getting graded, so you have to enjoy your prep hobby enough to finish it without someone supervising your efforts. You’re in charge, so you get to decide if you want to spend all of your disaster prep time complaining about how boring it is or giggling at a bunch of silly (yet informative) jokes.

We give the people what they want!

That’s why they love us.

“I am truly blown away [by the Disaster Bundle]. It’s out of this world and on so many levels. The thoroughness of the content, clever jokes, monstery design, so user friendly.”

Erin, Mom of Two Humans and One Cat

Erin is one of many happy HCTA customers on her way to disaster prep bliss. Whether she keeps it simple with a well-stocked Go Bag, a pantry full of disaster staples, and a couple of annual drills OR goes full prepper and starts living off-grid, she’s better off having made the choice to explore disaster prep, and we’re happy to know that the Here Comes the Apocalypse Disaster Bundle has made it a little bit easier. Thanks, Erin! We know we said you’re not getting graded, but we sure do hope you get an A.

Not sure where to start?

If you’re ready to give yourself over to the power of disaster prep, there are free tools all over this website (starting here is a great idea)! If you have some cash to spare, it’s even easier to prepare with our comprehensive step-by-step guide, the Disaster Playbook, alongside our other handy tools. Start now so you’ll be ready before The Big One.

You’ll never know how much fun you can have during a tornado drill until you try.

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