Post-Heat Wave Concerns

So, you made it through the heat wave and things are cooling off outside. Great! But before you rush out to enjoy the cooler weather, do a quick assessment and make sure everything is okay. Let’s review some post heat wave concerns.

Start with self-care and the care of those around you. Check on everyone, re-hydrate, and make sure no one is experiencing long-term heat-related effects.

Rule of Thumb

If they become infected, bites from your pet monkey (who got too hot and bothered during the heat wave blackout) would technically fall into the category of long-term heat-related effects.

If there were any blackouts during the heat wave, check your home’s electrical systems and appliances to make sure they work. It’s possible for power surges to damage electronics when electricity returns after an outage, so do a quick check of your home’s energy systems, appliances, and computers.

Post heat wave concerns causing blackouts, which make laptop work limited

In the event that your surge protectors have failed and your appliances’ motherboards are fried to a crisp, we are pouring one out for them now. RIP, beloved electrical friends. But we’re glad all the human beings made it through unscathed.

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