Don’t Just Survive a Heat Wave – Thrive! (Final Tips)

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You are the master of your domain! The sun can try its hardest to break you, but with the armor of these heat wave tips, you will prevail. Better yet, you will come out of it fitter, happier, more productive, comfortable, not drinking too much, etc.

If heat waves are common in your area, reach out to your neighbors. Set up a community watch system to check on those who may need help during a heat wave. Discuss resources like generators, designate a cooling center contact to make sure elders have access, plan to congregate at houses with pools and/or the most efficient cooling during peak hours to reduce the neighborhood’s energy use, and strategize to make sure everyone’s needs will be met. Some of your friends or neighbors may not have the same resources you have to thrive during heat waves, while some may be able to help you. Cooperation makes it happen!

If your community doesn’t have designated cooling centers, make a list of places you could go if you get too hot at home. Look for shopping malls, stores, or public facilities like libraries that don’t mind a little loitering.


Don’t tell them we sent you, but most funeral homes have high quality HVAC and back up generators, both for guest comfort and “guest” preservation.

Survive a Heat Wave by Being Prepared

If you remember one thing from this guide, let it be this: don’t sleep on heat waves. They’re a unique type of disaster compared to a tornado or a flood, and they’re even more deadly because most people are unable to properly assess their risk and are underprepared. There are few ways to escape the effects of a heat wave other than to hunker down, use the cooling systems you have available, and prepare to act when heat-related issues begin to set in.

Fortunately, heat waves always come with some warning, so you should have time to prepare. (HINT: prepare now, while you’re thinking about it.) If heat is a concern in your area, put together an emergency kit, look into ways to weather-proof your home, and coordinate with others in your local area to provide help and aid as needed.

Beat the heat and stay safe, friends! Remember, it’s easy enough to survive on your own, but building community will help you thrive, no matter what disaster is coming for you next.

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