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Prepper Girl Starter Pack

Aesthetic trends are back. Flappers, mods, hippies, goths, scene kids, and VSCO girls of yore: make way for niche microtrends! Tomato Girl is now an unironic fashion statement, and we’re here for it. If you’ve been on our Instagram recently, you may have heard that Prepper Girl aesthetic is now sharing the spotlight with Clean Girl, Vanilla Girl, and Coastal Grandmother aesthetics.

So, you want to be the Prepper Girl? She’s a modern-day superhero, so we can understand the appeal. Her essentials will keep you ready for anything… in style. The Prepper Girl has all the Go Bag, Stay Bag, Bedside PPE, Get Home Bag, and Work Stash essential items, but the following are some of her favorites. Although some of these products may be on the more luxurious side (I’m looking at you, Touchland hand sanitizer!), all are practical and will help ensure that you and your friends make it out alive if disaster strikes!

Please note: Anyone can have the Prepper Girl lifestyle and aesthetic, regardless of age or gender! Get it, girl (or nongirl, as the case may be).

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Here Comes the Apocalypse Disaster Bundle

Prepper Girl’s number one essential: The Disaster Bundle. It will walk you through prepping from start to finish, while making it easy and fun! If you’re early in your prepping journey, or possibly don’t know where to start, it’s the perfect foundation.

Sangean MMR-88 Radio

The Prepper Girl has a hand-crank weather radio in both her Stay and Go Bag, and you should too! Streaming music? Never heard of her.

Simpeak 2-Pack Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight

Like the weather radio, this is another essential for all preppers. It’s also the perfect accessory for dark restaurants. Don’t judge her for wanting to read the entree descriptions.

MOUNTAINTOP 28L Hiking Backpack

The Prepper Girl uses this for her Go Bag, and it’s key to her aesthetic. Strappy, shiny, and built like a boss. People stare in awe and wonder, “What’s in that beautiful bag?”

Small Waterproof First Aid Kit

Don’t go around intentionally skinning your knees just to show off your sweet First Aid Kit. That’s not aesthetic. But you will need it at some point, so keep it handy. Secret weapon: Benadryl.

Metal Whistles with Lanyard

The Prepper Girl knows she’ll get hoarse quickly while calling for help, so she has whistles. They’re also a necklace substitute. Perfect for repelling dirtbags and leading impromptu street parades.

Victorinox Classic SD 7 Function Pocket Knife

That keyring isn’t just for looks. Keep your knife with your keys to invite people to ask you, “Why are you carrying around a knife?” It will give you the perfect opportunity to show them how to scrape dry tinder from the inside of a wet stick. Impressing people 24/7, that’s the Prepper Girl way.

Touchland Power Mist Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray, DYE FREE 3-PACK

The Prepper Girl likes to treat herself here and there with high-end products that will make her feel her best! Looking cute and feeling fresh. Watch out, Clean Girl.

RHINO Produxs Heavy Duty Carabiner Clips (2 ct)

Carabiners give Prepper Girl options if she runs out of space in her backpack. Need an extra pair of shoes? Clip them to the strap with a carbiner! Problem solved. Aesthetic maintained.

Multi-Cord 10000mAh Powerbank

The Prepper Girl is prepared to provide a variety of devices with extra power. Sharing is caring, and this gal is all about keeping people in touch when the specter of a deadphone rears its ugly head. Not on her watch!

Owala FreeSip

Hydration is priceless, but so is space, and Prepper Girl is too smart to be caught with a clunky bottle that limits her options. Sleek and stylish: that’s the name of the game.

Ridge Cuff 100% Wool Beanie

Dress in layers and always carry a hat if you want to be prepared for inclement weather. Pick a cute one so you never leave it behind. In a truly apocalyptic scenario, you can also use your beanie as a basket to collect mushrooms for your stew. We stan a multitasker.

Prepper Girl Skills

Now that you have the Prepper Girl’s favorite items, you’ll want her skills too:

A Timeless Aesthetic

Now that you know everything about being a Prepper Girl, go forth and inspire your friends and family to be prepared too! Unlike the Clean Girl, Vanilla Girl, Tomato Girl, and Coastal Grandmother, the disaster preparedness lifestyle never goes out of style. If anything, prepping will become even trendier with time as disasters worsen. Thanks, climate change! Good looking out.

About the Authors

Sarah joined Here Comes the Apocalypse from her digital marketing work at Artsy Geek. Her Go- and Stay Bags contain matcha as a comfort item along with a massive power bank to stay connected.

It takes a village! We are researching, writing and fact checking as a family. Collaboration is the name of the game, whether we’re running from a zombie horde or finding the best way to turn a complex concept into a deliciously digestible set of bullet points.

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